One of the things that make a phone and ipad repair technician in their work is the ability to organize and plan their operations. You need to know the amount of work you have and their progress at all times. You should also be able to keep your customers updated regarding the repair of their phones. When you are done with job, the customer should be notified so that they can pick up their device. To do this, you need a professional software to help you track customers and your work. There are very many software programs out there and being able to pick the right one can save you a lot of time and give your customers a feel of professionalism from you.

Here are a few tips that you should rely on when you are choosing a repair software program to use in your phone repair shop.

Consider features that save time

Modern repair tracking software come with a lot of features that allow technicians to do various tasks. They give technicians the power and ability to do their job professionally and above all, to save time. You need to pick software that will save you time when doing various tasks. For instance, the software should allow you to communicate with clients easily without wasting a lot of time. Secondly, the software should help you to save time going through paper invoices. That means that the program should eliminate paper invoices or should at least maintain an electronic copy of the invoice.

The software should also let you know about the overall health of your shop by keeping track of customer feedback and communications. It should also allow you to link to popular social media platforms so that you can interact with your customers online.

Look for process automation

One of the best ways you can save time in your phone repair shop is through process automation. That means that you should be able to schedule processes so that they just happen with minimum involvement from you. When most processes are automated, your time and that of your staff is freed up so that you can focus on processes that actually matter. A good example of process automation is for the software to be able to send customers notifications when the status of their phone changes from “incomplete” to “complete”.

Look for business intelligence features

Businesses of this century are hugely relying on business intelligence software to make decisions and improve their operations. That is why you should also be keep about business intelligence features in the software you are considering to acquire for your phone repair store. The program should be able to collect various kinds of data from your key activities and provide you with analytics that you can act upon and make more money.

For example, you should have a system that gives you alerts on various activities such as low inventory. With low inventory, you are able to know when you should restock so that your repair operations are not put on hold because you don’t have the parts you need in your inventory.

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