It would be best to remember that Oakley sunglasses come with technological advancements that will provide you peace of mind.

Therefore, they come with optical superiority when it comes to enhancing performance, so they wanted to create a unique brand with a wide array of options.

They have started their journey with O Frame goggles because the standard in motocross racing for two decades now.

Afterward, they have launched Oakley Optics and became the essential aspect of the optical industry. They have created ground-breaking equipment compared with generic accessories that other brands make.

A perception for innovations led Oakley Sunglasses to become prominent in sports performance, which is something they still are. Numerous athletes worldwide, no matter the type of sport from Mountain Biking to Cricket, wear this particular eyewear.

Different Frame Materials

  • C-5™ – This particular type comes with metallic compounds combined with five™ alloy, highly durable, sturdy, and lightweight compared with other options on the market.
  • O Matter – They are essential for controlled flexibility and durability, while a lightweight material will provide you a combination of performance, comfort, and protection.
  • Acetate – You can also find hand-made options that come from acetate layering, which is filled with textures and colours. Remember that acetate is an effective way to illuminate and provide them with a high-end feel and appearance.
  • Titanium – One of the most popular choices for wireframes is titanium because it is the most comfortable, lightest, and most substantial option that you can find on the market. Besides, you should know that titanium is indestructible and ultra-lightweight, making it one of the most comfortable ones.
  • Carbon Fibre – This particular option comes with fantastic flexibility and comfort combined with ultra-lightweight properties, which will provide you peace of mind.
  • Aluminium – They have used aluminium in various types for a wide array of options. Therefore, you should know that they use aerospace-grade aluminium to provide you with a lightweight and durable perspective.

Frame Technology

  • Unobtainium™ – They have developed this particular technology for sports performance, allowing them to wear on ear socks, ear pads, and nose pads. It is a great option that will provide you with perfect performance and comfort.
  • Frame Three-Point Fit – They have also patented this particular frame, which features the ability to combine temples and nose with the bridge. Therefore, you will obtain a great alignment that will reduce overall discomfort from structure affecting your pressure points, which is a common problem with other frames available on the market.
  • Switchlock™ – Keep in mind that this particular technology will provide you hassle-free, fast, and simple lenses changing, which will offer you different options and capabilities. The best thing about it is the ability to customize your frames to a particular light condition, which will provide them a perfect experience compared with other options.

You should check this link: to learn more about different Oakley frame types.

Lens Technology

  • Oakley True Digital – This particular type of lenses is perfect for sports enthusiasts and athletes to enjoy clear vision by using wrap frames. They have implemented advancements that combined two zones, far-periphery and mid-periphery, which means that it is the best option you can find on the market for overall performance.
  • Plutonite – If you wish to get a shatterproof and lightweight option for an active lifestyle, we recommend getting this particular option. It comes with the ability to stop UV radiation, including Blue Light, which is an important consideration to remember.
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