How you dress at work can significantly impact how your peers and seniors treat you. Pandemic induced the work from a home culture where you could get your job done in comfortable pajamas. But now as offices are slowly opening up, it is time to brush up on your professional clothes once again. To ease out the process, we have assembled useful tips which can offer assistance in the garment selection process.

  • Tailored clothing is always the preferred choice for corporate setups. Compared to buying several inferior quality garments, it always pays to invest in a few premium quality ones. 
  • Extreme colors and patterns should be avoided as you are expected to make a statement with your business rather than your passion for ruby reds and flaming greens. Navy or dark grey pants and suits are a preferred pick for your workplace. Black is another fail-safe color that never fails to add to your personality in a professional setup. You can opt for subtle patterns having a conservative look as they do not cause a distraction while giving out a seminar. Wide stripes, on the other hand, can be very distracting. 
  • Pants are a preferred choice for being worn at office setups. However, you need to wear tailored ones having a crease. When it comes to business casual, twill, khaki, and corduroy are excellent choices. You should stay away from heavy cotton or denim fabrics. If you are looking for pants and suits which can serve as standard business attire for all seasons, then you can proceed with the plain wool and woolen blends. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon blends should be avoided as they tend to get wrinkled and lack adequate quality. The hemline of the pants should cover your ankle without draping to the floor. Wearing skin-tight pants is a strict no-no in office setups even if you have an enviable figure. 
  • When it comes to shopping for formal skirts and dresses, you need to be especially cautious about their length. The last thing you would want is to expose too much skin while sitting in a chair. Skirt slits should be centered in the back and high slits should be avoided at all costs. 
  • While choosing shirts and sweaters, you need to be cautious that it doesn’t show any cleavage. Ideally, the blouse you wear needs to be coordinated with your remaining outfit. You can opt for fine-gauge knit shells but extremely form-fitting or see-through tops need to be avoided. 

Final Words

Inappropriate dressing at the workplace can bring about lewd comments and harassment. If the scene gets out of control, and sexual harassment occurs, then you canshould seek the assistance of the employment lawyers at Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore who can offer prompt solutions from a legal perspective. While the tips mentioned above can help you dress your best at the workplace, you might still be uncertain about dressing in the right manner. In such cases, it is best to dress like you are attending a job interview. Paying attention to how your peers’ dress can also offer a good idea about perfect workplace dressing. For social events, you can enquire beforehand about the dress code.

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