Of the many top-notch golf tournaments seen around the world, the US Masters has a feel of its own as the history of this strictly invitational event reflects, and every professional golfer dreams of winning ‘The Masters’, as it is known. The tournament is always held at Augusta, a 5-star course that is one of the most challenging in the world, and if you are thinking of attending a top golf tournament, Augusta and the US Masters would be the perfect choice.

Bobby Jones

This very talented amateur formed the very first US masters in 1934 and after he and a course designer friend got together and created Augusta a few years prior to that. Undeniably, the best amateur golfer of his time, in 1930, Jones won 13 of the major 32 tournaments he played in, including all of the four top tournaments, and he is credited with doing a lot for golf, as it was he who founded the Masters, which has traditions that are kept alive today.

Steeped in Tradition

Bobby Jones was a colourful character and he had some great ideas about how a golf tournament should be put together, some of which are still around today. The Green Jacket, for example, is presented to the winner every year, which is handcrafted by special tailors and must be returned to hang in the clubhouse, along with all the other green jackets that have been presented over the years. In the event a player wins more than once. He doesn’t get a second jacket, rather he keeps the original one for another term. If you would like to experience this amazing tournament, search online for US Masters golf holiday packages and you can stay in 5-star accommodation and watch the best in the world compete for the most prestigious title in the golfing world.

Most Masters Wins

The great Jack Nicklaus has won the Masters a record 6 times, from 1963-1986, while Tiger Woods has 5 Masters titles to his credit. Arnold Palmer was a four-time Masters winner, with no less than 5 golfers who have won the Masters 3 times. One of those was the legendary Gary Player, who became the first non-US player to win the title in 1961, and in the 1970s and 80s, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesteros were regular winners.

The Masters Prize Money

The very first US Masters was won by a gentleman called Horton Smith in 1934, who took $1,500 of the total $5k prize money, while in 2014, the winner received a staggering $1,620,000 of the $9m prize money.

The US Masters Trophy

Every year, the winner’s name is engraved on the silver trophy, while the runner-up receives a silver medal. There are actually two Masters trophies; the original, which weighs more than 130 pounds and is kept in the Augusta clubhouse, and a copy that is significantly smaller at just 6.5 inches and a weight of 20 pounds.

The US Masters has long been a firm favourite among professional golfers and spectators alike, and if you would like to experience this unique tournament, search online for a golf tour specialist and they can make all the arrangements for you.

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