Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter action game full of explosions and drama. It’s renowned for its realistic action scenes inspired by the greatest battles in history, particularly the World Wars. It uses an operator system and it’s renowned for its map design.

It also has a flashy presentation and loads of gun options to boot. With that said, if you wish to know more about battlefield 2042 cheats, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Enable Cheats Instead of Play Normally? 

  • Normal Gameplay is Fine: It is fine to engage in normal gameplay if you’re into that. The most skilled Battlefield 2042 player might even scoff at the notion of cheating or getting an aim bot for this FPS. Others might even shame you for using such hacks or cheats in the first place.
  • Cheats and Hacking is Even Better: Unlike with cheating in an academic test or cheating with a spouse, cheating in a game has few to no repercussions save for your reputation if you’re playing as a “Let’s Play” channel on YouTube or Twtich. It’s harmless fun otherwise.
  • Our Personal Experience with Battlefield: We’re Day 1 fans of Battlefield. BF1 was a nice change of pace game emphasizing realism over the fantastic elements of Doom, Halo, and whatnot. BF2 was more of the same, BF3 and BF4 are among some of our favorite FPS games of all time, and BFV was an okay game marred by flawed marketing and launch fiasco.
  • Battlefield 2042 is a Buggy Game: As a recent release with fine tuning happening as we speak, Battlefield 2042 is a naturally buggy game that requires probably 2 years of tweaking in order to smoothen out its gameplay. This is the perfect time to go exploring on what you can do.
  • Explore the Game Beyond the Game Dev’s Intentions: Accessing cheats like God Mode in ID Software’s Doom or the 30 Lives Code in Konami’s Contra allows you to view the game in another lens or for less skilled players to have a better shot of competing against a hard game.
  • Get Immediate Access to Advanced Weapons: Instead of slogging through gameplay and experience points in order to access the new and advanced weaponry being dropped into the game, you could get the deadlier guns and whatnot by hacks.
  • Hacks Allow You Immediate Access: Getting hacks from our site should allow you immediate access to weapons with increased ammunition and many different properties. This makes you focus more on the game instead of worrying about reloading while plowing down hordes of enemies.
  • Cheaters Beware Against Call Outs: It’s best to cheat in a lobby or game session with other cheaters because otherwise, you’re getting an unfair advantage against regular players and you might get called out or banned from the server if people notice your aimbot.
  • The Class System: The class system was developed by the game devs to provide more player flexibility. However, some players find it arbitrary and distracting, which is why you can hack your way into the upper class like how a lottery can turn lower-class peons into part of the one percent.
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