Some people wonder if there is a difference between vape juice and e-liquid. There is no difference at all, and people use the terms interchangeably. Vape juice is a combination of VG (vegetable glycerine), PG (propylene glycol), and food grade flavourings. Some vape juices contain nicotine, while others don’t. The mixture is housed inside of a vape tank, and there is a coil with a wick inside it. The wick soaks the e-liquid, and when you heat it, it produces the vapour.

Vape Juice Mixes or Ratios

Vape juices come in two ratios that are based on the quantity of the two primary ingredients, which are VG and PG. The VG is a thicker substance that produces the vapour when you exhale, and the PG is a thin substance that gives you flavour. Vape juices usually come in 70/30, which is 70% VG and 30% PG. The other common ratio is 50/50, which means that there is 50% of each substance.

The 70/30 vape juices have higher viscosity, so they are thicker. They work well with vape kits that have a resistance of below 1 ohm. The 50/50 vape juices work well with low-powered vaping devices that have a coil that is greater than 1 ohm. This ensures that the vape juice is vaporised correctly.

Vape Juice Steeping

Sometimes people get a shortfill bottle and add nicotine. They let it sit for a few days, and the taste improves. This is what they call steeping. It is a simple process where you add a shot of nicotine to your vape juice and leave it to mix and improve the flavour. You can use it right away after you shake it, but you can also let it steep by placing it in a cool and dry place for 24 hours.

After the nicotine and the vape juice have blended, you will get more flavour when you vape. It isn’t necessary to let your vape juice steep, but you will have more flavour if you do.

How to Store Vape Juice

Vape juice is made with perishable consumable ingredients, so you need to store them in an environment that is cool and dry. If you leave your vape juice in the sun or a warm place, the ingredients will break down more quickly. It is important to make sure that you store your vape juice correctly so that it has the enjoyable flavours that you are looking for.

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