The duck meat is one healthy and tasty meal, which can be tried anytime. You do not really have to wait for special occasions. One of its recipes named “Duck Confit” is something really very special one. One surprising part of this dish is that it tastes better with ageing.

What does confit actually mean?

Often people confuse the dish with deep frying. So, let us get into some details:

  • The word confit is derived from the French word “confire”, which means “to preserve”. So, traditionally confit was meant to be used for preserving anything like meat, fruits and vegetables. This preservation was supposed to be made by cooking this kind of food in liquid, which was inhospitable to bacterial growth. Now there were two ways to confit these foods:
  • Fruits were generally done with sugar syrup
  • Whereas meat and vegetables were done with pure fat.

Once this food is cooked, these are preserved in containers, which are kept in liquid. So, this is done to avoid any further bacterial growth.

  • In this way, any food items, which are preserved can be stored for a longer period of time. Meats can be stored in a cool place for weeks while in refrigerator for months. On the other hand, fruits can be stored for years.
  • In such case, any meat like this duck confit is stored for a long time. It is tastier and can melt in your mouth. This is because anything which is kept preserved, with time the connective tissue and muscle will slowly become tender and it turns out to be juicier and softer. All you need is a fresh duck from the best place. Brome Lake is a place, which are into production of fresh ducks since years now. They also share the best of the canard confit recipes that you can check on their website.

What is the difference between confit and deep frying?

Many people feel that confit and deep frying are both same. To tell you the truth, there is just one difference between the two and i.e. the temperature in which they both are cooked. Deep frying is usually made at the temperature of 325 to 450-degree F.

Whereas confit is done at the temperature of 200-degree F and sometimes even cooler. So, in a simple way, confit is like cooking in the oil, which is not high in temperature, but hot enough to make the chicken tender.

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