The three-wheeler vehicles fall under an indeterminate category between motorcycles and cars. Therefore, the state & federal regulators, consumers, and dealerships are not clear on how to buy/sell, register and use. The main reason is that these three-wheeled vehicles are a blend of 2-wheeler and 4-wheeled vehicles. Creating a market for three-wheelers has been challenging for Bombardier Recreational Products [BRP].

On you can get to see all the Spyder models designed by BRP. It is a 3rd largest dealer that holds 7 BRP banners in Canada.

Can-Am Spyder tech abilities

BRP has been selling the Can-Am Spyder, a three-wheeler collection for 11 years. To ride a Can-Am Spyder, you don’t need to be a capable motorcycle rider. However, some basics from 2 -wheelers are applied.

BRPs all Spyders include stability control, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. BRPs 3-component stability system uses an amalgamation of braking and engine torque to maintain a balance. Fuel and engine injection are regulated by the traction control to prevent the excessive spin of the rear wheel.

Electronically-controlled power steering offers assistance that differs on speed. There is also a reverse gear with the manual and semi-automatic transmission, so there is no need to push the three-wheeler backward.

New 2018 features are twin 4.3” LCDs. Both the screens show vehicle information. Switch on the right side and use BRP Connect for navigation. In the center is a joystick that navigates apps via Bluetooth.

Choosing a Can-Am Spyder

There are six Spyder models to choose from-

Spyder F3 and F3-S are sports cruising models

  • Both lack saddlebags and standard windshield as they are not designed for touring.
  • Limited Cargo storage with 6.5-gallon capacity.
  • Lacks rear suspension pre-load adjustment.
  • F3-S is unique because only it has gas charged performance shocks [Fox Podium]

Spyder F3-T and F3 Limited are cruiser touring models

  • Has hard-case saddlebags and standard windshields.
  • Cargo capacity: F3-T – 20.6 gallons and F3 Limited – 36.5 gallons.
  • Adjustable rear shocks including preload adjustments that offer great comfort traveling different road surfaces.
  • Twin 4.3” colored LCD screens including BRP Connect app.
  • The audio system is included.
  • Calibrated to tow a Can-Am trailer suitable for longer trips.

Spyder RT and RT Limited are touring models

  • Higher seat for upright riding position including lumbar support.
  • Adjustable windshield.
  • 41 gallons of cargo capacity.
  • Passengers seat with a backrest.
  • Adjustable passenger footrest.
  • RT is available in automatic or manual transmission [your choice] but RT Limited is obtainable with automatic transmission only.
  • RT limited has additions like automatic self-leveling rear suspension, driver floor-board, light & liner for front cargo space, accent light and fog lamps.

Check your state requirements for riding a 3-wheeler Spyder vehicle!

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