When you have a self-build project you want to complete, and you have a limited budget, there are many ways you can save money on the overall costs of the build. It will take considerable time and effort to complete the task but doing a lot of the work yourself can help you save on the project’s cost. Below are some ways you can save money on the building costs of your project that you may want to consider doing yourself, which can help stretch your budget further.

Find The Cheapest Suppliers

One area that can help you enjoy significant savings on the cost of your building project is shopping around for the best deal on the building materials you need to complete your project. You will need to search the internet for the cheapest building materials supplier and ensure you include delivery charges when working out the costs. To make the task of searching for all the different materials you will need, you will want to break your project up into stages and keep a separate spreadsheet for each phase of your project.

Order Everything In Bulk

You can also find that you can save money by bulk buying the materials you need for your project, which can help you reduce the cost of the delivery charges you must pay. You may also negotiate better discounts when bulk-buying materials, as many suppliers have a sliding scale of discounts, with bigger discounts offered the more you buy. However, you will need somewhere safe to store the materials before you need them, and they may need protection from the elements and thieves who may try and steal them.

Do The Preparation Work Yourself

You will need to get some jobs done by qualified professionals, such as the electrics and plumbing, which you will need to pay for on your project. However, you can reduce the costs of the skilled tradespeople you need to hire by doing a lot of the preparation work before they arrive. You can run cables and pipes where needed in the building, saving the tradespeople time, and costing you less money if you do a decent job for them.

When the skilled trades are onsite, you can also offer your services as labour, so they need fewer people to do the job. Doing this can help you save a lot of money on the cost of your project, although it will take longer to finish and give you lots more to do.

Shop Around For Qualified Tradespeople

You can also save money by shopping around for tradespeople to do the required jobs and ensuring you get lots of quotes. Always tell them you will supply the materials if they give you a list, as many builders will add up to 15% to the cost of materials to help increase their margins. Ensure you check the reputations of the tradespeople before hiring their services. Look at the comments and reviews you can find for them online on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Shopping around for tradespeople can help ensure you save a lot of money and achieve a high-standard finish for your project.

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