This article will mainly deal with how to play baccarat on จีคลับ. If you are a fan, then you need to follow the steps given below to play baccarat on this site.

  • When the timer of the game starts you can place your bets.
  • Chips will have monetary value so you place a chip with the value that you want to bet. Then you can press enter. If you have a bet which is not in chips then you can click on chips twice or thrice to reach the desired amount. For example, if you want to bet 400 then you need to press 200 twice.
  • There will be different places on the screen to place the bet. Select the side and place the bet on it.
  • Once done select the confirm button and your bet will be placed.

You can also read the steps on จีคลับ before playing. It was mentioned above that there are various places to bet in the game. Do you know how many? There are 5 different positions in the game that you can use to place the bet. Let us understand each of the positions.

Positions in Baccarat 

  • Banker wins- It will be a bet that the banker’s side will have more points than the player’s side. You can choose this side if you feel it will win the game for you.
  • A player wins- It means that the player’s hand will be leading with more points than the banker’s hand. It is totally up to the person to choose either the banker or the player. Also, it is based on prediction, which side will win will depend on the cards that side has. Sometimes opposite happens and the other side wins. People choose the other side and then that side also loses. So, it is just luck and if you have luck it will not matter which side you choose. You will win.
  • Tie- It means both sides will either have the same cards or the same number of points. In this case, no one wins and both sides are equal. It is not an ideal situation as the money remains with the จีคลับ and no player gets it. It is better to have won or lost in this case.
  • Banker pair- It is a situation in which the banker side will get the first 2 cards with the same face. It will entice the chances of winning if the cards are bigger ones.
  • Player pair- It is a situation that the player’s side will have the first 2 cards with the same face. It would mean the player side will win if the cards are big.

These five are the situations that you can place a bet on. It does not mean you are going to win. But these are just the guesses that you make to have a high chance of winning the game. Best not to go for the tie situation.

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