If you have a document stored in word document, you can easily convert it to pdf. You will have different methods of doing so. However, the good news is that today much word to pdf converters or pdf converter to word enable the process to be much easier. Once you have your documents in pdf format, you will still be able to convert it to optimise it for search engines. In this article, I will provide you with some of the methods that will enable you to make your pdf SEO friendly:

You will need to compress your pdf files to reduce the file size.

You can optimise your PDF for search engines in a number of ways. It even gets better as you will be able to find information for the process. One of the best ways of doing so will be through using standard forms. You should know that PDF readers support a wide array of standard forms such as Times, Helvetica, and more.  Therefore, use fonts given and choose not to embed any ones.

You will also need to set keyword rich file name.

The second method of optimising your pdf for search engines would be by you treating your file name as an URL.  The latter implies that you should make your file name to be keyword relevant as well as search engine friendly.  You can optimise your file name by keeping it short. Lengths of 50 to 60 characters would be ideal for you. It will be important to also match your URL to the title of the PDF. Do also remove punctuation, stop words, hashes, and more that will reduce the probability of your documents featuring in search engines.

You will need to set your pdf body copy to be search engine optimised.

There are many myths about Google and pdf that have exited for long. The latter came to be because of so many PDF were image based. However, if you are looking forward for your PDF to be indexed by Google or any other search engine, make sure it features more text than images.  Of course, in the process of writing your texts, you will need to make them to be search engine optimised.

 Adopt the use of short paragraphs. Using three to four sentences would be ideal. You should know that shorter paragraphs make it easier for you to understand as well as digest the message across.  You can also adopt to the use of bullet as well as number list that will enable you to break out content. Bullet and number list will also increase the readability of your content. Lastly, it will be ideal for you to transition into new content using bolded subheading. Of course, your subheadings should also be SEO optimised.

In conclusion, you can convert pdf to word, and vice versa to make them more readable. The good news is that you can also make the documents to be SEO optimised as well. The latter will improve their ranking on search engines.

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