The last couple of years have been socially awkward. The authorities have kept us apart, and we have spent a lot of time alone. But the good times will be here soon enough. Concerts and sports, and parties. It is long past time that we celebrated life together. One of the best ways to enjoy your friends is with a backyard barbecue. A great outdoor event involves combining all the right elements and, hopefully, the right weather. Here is a look at some of the essentials of a fabulous backyard party.

  • Beverages: Socializing and drinking are quite closely related, and although some people don’t partake of alcohol, every party needs excellent drinks. Drinks are the easiest part to plan. You only need to go shopping. You should try to have a little something for everyone; if you know your guests, it will be easier. A nice selection of wines is always good. There is no reason to break the bank; boxed wines are made to party. Some beer is essential. A nice pilsner is usually appreciated, and pale ales will be the first out of the coolers. It would help if you also had a delicious non-alcoholic punch and soft drinks available.
  • Barbeque: You can try to do a fancy outdoor dinner party if you like, but something about grilled food makes it a perfect pairing to outdoor events. Maybe it’s the fact that it is so casual. People don’t expect the food to come in courses or having to wait for their turn. The trick with barbeque is planning. It helps to have all your prep work done well in advance, so you can get an assembly line running when the grill is hot. Don’t leave up to one person to get it done, and if you can get two grills running, all the better. A serving table is essential for all the condiments and cold items.
  • Activities: Some groups don’t need any help, and the party takes care of itself. But a few planned activities, games, and prizes can only increase the fun and provide an opportunity for the wallflowers to break the ice. Also, a fire pit is a sure way to bring people together.

Having a great outdoor party is mainly about freedom and socialization. Good simple food, lots of drink, and a private location is a good start. Planning is critical, have something for everyone and make more food than you think. Then relax and let the party happen

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