The Candle Making Workshop in Singapore is very relaxing craft which is great as an evening pastime at home or work. Candles waxes typically comprise three main ingredients; paraffin stearic acid and essential oils which give fragrance (which also contribute to color).

Candle making can really brighten up your house by giving off lovely scents into your living space while being simple enough for anyone who wants to try this craft as a hobby. Candle making is an inexpensive and rewarding DIY project that allows for personal expression in crafting and creativity.

The workshops will walk you through the basics of Candle Making with different techniques and materials. With enough practice, you will be able to make your own Candle Dyes that are hand poured into Candle Moulds!

Candle Making Workshop Singapore is a wonderful way for parents to get their kids involved in craft activity without requiring expensive equipment or materials; this makes it perfect as an outdoor family holiday craft project during the winter months when there’s nothing green on the ground.

It can also serve as a great hobby for those looking for something affordable and creative outside of work hours. The workshops usually start at around $80 per person inclusive of all material (dye & mould) + basic candle-making tools such as wick, wax sheets, gauze etc., but excludes children below 12 years old from taking part in the workshop.

It can be used as an Outdoor family holiday craft project during winter months when there’s nothing green on the ground.

They have children and adults alike, which is always refreshing to see. It’s great that the kids can learn alongside their parents too.  Candle-making is an interesting craft because it’s a hand on, tactile hobby that can be both relaxing and therapeutic.

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